John Ross' Baptism

Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is the cutest baby ever -John Ross O. (I can say that b/c I don't think anyone checking this has actually HAD a baby yet, but those of you that are expecting, when your baby arrives, they can be tied for cutest). I drove down to Austin today to see him get Baptised (my second visit since his birth a little over four months ago, third if you count the shower where he gave me a kick "hello"). I took a couple of pictures with my camera, and a ton with Carla and Chris' camera. It was such a neat experience, almost two years ago I stood in this same church with the two of them as they got married. This is my favorite shot of all....after all the festivities were almost over (notice the stick up hair from the water running over his head and his little silk jacket and vest and a sock came off throughout the hour).... He was, OF COURSE, the cutest baby there....I want to move to Austin just so I can babysit and see him more....if he ever comes up missing, for the record, I don't have him. John Ross, Carla, and Chris make being a family look like a ton of fun :O)

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