Monday, February 27, 2006

Prayer Request....

A week from today (Monday March 6th at 8:30am) my Mom goes in for her second major surgery in a year! This time, she really feels like the diagnosis is better (different scenario, different hospital, but same pre-op jitters), it's just the recovery time that is going to be a total pain (literally and figuratively).....and I think that is really getting to her. I'd really appreciate all of you sending up some extra prayers for her this week-that she will find calm as she enters these last few days before the surgery, and that all will go well and her recovery will be as great as it possibly can. She definitely has proven up through now that she bounces back really swiftly :O). She should be coming home from the hospital on Wednesday if all goes well, and we will know more once they send everything in for a 'biopsy'....I really think she should get some sort of frequent customer stamp card with like a free gown or a stethoscope or something cool if you get all your squares punches!