Saturday, March 04, 2006

Taylor turns 10....

This morning (after an exhilarating morning of Saturday school...blah), Jason, Tonya, Taylor and Xavier joined Mom and I to celebrate Taylor's 10th birthday. Purple, pink and princess seemed about right. (You can never be too young to learn all the ins and outs of being a royal diva). This is my new favorite niece. In a week or so I'll try to post a picture of Xavier as well, I hope to steal them for an outing over spring break to boost up my Aunt rating....lets hope for a sunny spring break to capture some great shots at the zoo (as a former girl scout, of course I have a plan B-The Aquarium)! Don't worry, I plan to spoil ROTTEN every one of your future children as well....I'm practicing on Xavier and Taylor....they don't seem to mind. Notice how the theme of my blogs went from puppies to younguns? Someday I'll move to events with people over the age of 12! (Pardon the picture, I have no idea how to rotate it!)