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Thursday, March 16, 2006

You know how some people take up bike riding? Mountain climbing? Cooking? I've taken up quilting. Some of you know this. I made my first quilt over Christmas break.....there is a story behind it.....my teaching partner quilts (she love math, so it's right up her alley) and the third amigo, who we used to work with, wanted to learn to quilt b/c both of her daughters are getting married and she wanted to make them each a quilt....so.....I happened to be with them when they went to the fabric store....and somehow I got sucked into it.....No, this isn't the quilt I made over Christmas ....that quilt actually looks pretty good if I do say so myself.....but it's off to be 'professionally' quilted (as if I don't qualify as a professional!)....and who even knew there was such a thing.....anyway, in the meantime I wanted to go off the beaten path and try out a baby blanket (not to ruin the surprise or anything, but you do realize if I continue this, each of yours will be getting one.....it's that or a scrapbook or a wedding cake or bouquet....that about covers my hobbies)...so here it is....ghetto fabulous baby blankets by Christy.....hand quilted.....invented binding, mismeasured squares and puckered fabrics (lets hope for your future childs sake that you aren't planning on having kids anytime soon.....I have a ways to go.....but.....I'm proud.....but this afternoon when I was trying to figure out how to piece it together I asked my MOM'S friends who were over for lunch if any of them quilted and they all said no, but THEIR Grandmom's did, but they were DEAD now.....and no offense.....but it's not like my Mom's friends are exactly youthful, but they are even too young for quilting apparently????.....Who knows....maybe this should be a secret or something....OK....I'm sure by next month I'll have a new hobby, but I thought I'd share this interesting little side project.....what I did on my Spring vacation. You better book your visit to Dallas to visit me ASAP....with activities like this....you are going to have some major tourist competition wanting ot stop in.

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