Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I realized awhile back, so many of my friends, don't know my other friends, and a few of you know of the others, but haven't seen each other in a million years, so today, I happened to have my camera in my car from the zoo, and I took it into dinner with my friend Sandye. We meet on a pretty regular basis, went to high school together, and have kept in touch through college and beyond (some of you know this story). I'm going to try to capture more shots of you guys. As for Sandye, she's about to end the wedding drought of the last year.....it's been way too long since someone was getting married (minus that four day whirlwind my brother brought into my life)....so as soon as there is a ring (which will be VERY soon, no pressure to her boyfriend or anything) I'll be getting details from Sandye about her upcoming life events ;o). This week I've been trying to catch up with people in town via outings, and out of town via phone calls.....so every night is dinner with someone new, with fun stories and news, and then I'm trying to get creative with the rest (exercise at 7 am with Terri W this morning that dedication...or insanity, the verdicts still out).