Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lucy Park Trail


JimmyMariam said...

What a beautiful picture! I didn't know the Mariams/Robbins were outdoorsy people! : )


Christy said...

You missed some of the outdoorsy years. We used to go camping all the time, bugs, and slugs and bait galore (so don't let Jimmy tell you he doesnt' know how to kayak or bait a pole!). I have been a girl scout since kindergarten. I know how to dig my own latrine, primitive camping, just add water meals and the whole bit....I also know how to get you lost like you can't imagine :O), by foot or by car! Though I still have the orienteering badge. Now Jason is taking the kiddo's out fishing and camping...passing along some of those years, we are planning another campout for this should be interesting!