Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wichita Falls

This weekend my Mom, Aunt and I went to visit my cousin Holly in Wichita Falls (going West in Texas), just for fun. First off, I was told to absolutely NOT share any photos (see above shot of Lucy Park in Wichita, that lead to 'the falls').....but I have chosen MY favorite, and I've chosen to disobey those orders b/c A) They are NOT that scary and B) There is no sensible reason WHY I can't share a lovely photo op and C) If A and B weren't enough reasons, I never did listen well, why start now? We spent most of Saturday shopping, and swimming (and eating).....but we stopped to hike this trail in Lucy Park which leads to 'The Falls'....the original falls are now gone, but this is what the city built in it's place, the last time we tried taking this hike the falls were "turned off" lost some of the effect, this time they not only turned the falls on for our visit, but also turned on the sprinklers. BONUS nature walk!