Friday, April 21, 2006


This evening I went out with 12 people from work to a Turkish restaurant downtown. It was a lot of fun. They had a belly dancer that got a quite a few people from our group up to work off some of the humus. For those of you who haven't eaten Turkish food, it's apparently similar to Greek food. It was something I'd definitely try again, they used a lot of orange spices. I got the most tame thing on the menu, it was supposed to be a pizza, but it tasted like cheesy breadsticks to me! It was really fabulous, but similar to lots of things I had before, so I guess I wasn't very adventurous! BUT I enjoyed dinner, and in the end, that's all the matters. I didn't get everyone in the shot, but you get the point! Carlos was a great sport (we LOVE Carlos) and Mike and I traded spaces after he saw he was easy access to get picked by the dancer.....he was a little too shy to show his moves.


JimmyMariam said...

That sounds gross, Humus is disgusting. A friend of mine took me to a Thai restaurant, that was also gross. I just want chicken and Dr. Pepper. And macaroni and french fries.