Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The power of prayer.....

I can't believe it, I just got the state results back for the reading test my kiddos took a few weeks back and 100% of them passed....I almost had a heart attack.....I was hoping for 90%, which is usually the average on the best years, and so MANY were borderline, 4 of them have never ever passed a test in the past of any sort the state has given, one more was just moved out of special ed and this was her first year taking the test......I started praying about January for 100% b/c I just felt there were none making 30s on the benchmark, but there were SO MANY still making 60's. Last year only 84% of them as fifth graders made it, and the 3 of the 4 that have never passed it in their life were not even part of that statistics because they were new this year....so it would have made it in the low seventies! They really did work SO HARD on the test when they took it, but I still am in shock. It truly is just the power of prayer that did it.....I can't say enough how much this lesson has been taught to me over and over and over again. I wonder if God answers prayers regarding the lottery?.....I'm excited b/c there are some kids I was going to be heart broken for if they didn't pass because they have me 112%.....they all got what they deserved this year!