Happy Birthday, Mom :O)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today was the '23rd anniversary of my Mom's 29th birthday' (I figured I'd help you out before you attempted to count the number of candles on her cake). I'm so full right now I can barely type over my big belly. Jason and Tonya started out the day by coming over to eat breakfast (with a side of laundry and Nascar, what every Mom dreams of...), but they did spend several hours over visiting and eating. Next, Mom and I stopped at a few shops, grabbed a bite to eat (Do you see the trend here?) and then met Holly and Lois for a swim....everyone in the family is a little addicted to water. I swim so much, usually on MY birthday, the gift I ask for is not to have to swim ;o). Then.....old people need a lot of sleep, so Mom and Max laid down (I am, of course, only referring to Max, who is 35 in dog years now, and has 11 white hairs in the middle of his chest) and watched some recorded court TV (their favorite, according to Mom, Max likes the shows, but she watches them with him to keep him company). We spent the evening at Lois'.....shocking as it may seem, everybody is required to have a 'theme' for their birthday. Another mind blowing fact is that my Mom wanted something pink....Pink Superwoman plates and decorations was right up her alley. There was more eating, a 'sheath' cake....another family tradition, mostly the tradition there is it's a great cake as long as Lois or Holly make it. There are two reasons it's good 1) The rest of us couldn't make it if we tried (and we've tried) and 2) Yum, chocolate cake, from scratch, covered with homemade icing. We also played the traditional basketball game (Brian won, per usual.....until further notice, or Jimmy and Lydia visit.....that's pretty much the outcome of every game so I won't bother mentioning the outcome, I just 'play for fun'....unless I win....and then....of course it was skill)....Lastly, we took a walk.....note-two exercises in one day....and still....I think I'll be spending the rest of fall working off all these sweets.....but it's worth it to celebrate a birthday with my very favorite Mom :O)


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Happy Birthday, Mrs. R!!!!

JimmyMariam said...

Thanks for the shout out, Christy. I won't be around to play Thanksgiving t-u-r-k-e-y, but I'll be fired up for Christmas. Lydia : )