A Week in Review

Saturday, September 23, 2006
I know, I know....the burning question in everybody's mind is WHAT has Christy been doing this week?
1. I SAID, "NO!" Yes, I, Christy, who stress about my workload, promise next time I'll say no to a project, and then say yes to three more actually said "No." to teaching Saturday school this fall (though it's required in the spring). I even had to say "No" to two different individuals and then just disregarded an email to a larger group. Hold the applause....I'm not done yet. Notice my "No." Only has a period and not an exclamation mark because I almost said "Yes." I almost slipped off the wagon.....next time it'll be "No!"....get in your request now before I get too good at this :O).
2. I'm almost, kinda, but not quite caught up with my scrapbook for the year! I have not started on my Hawaii album yet (which is going to be a MUCH bigger project, which I'll enjoy), but I'm to a point where the photos I haven't put in my book are still on my camera so I can't do anymore now and I can put it up until after Sandye's shower (in two weeks-time to clean).
3. I don't really have a three, but I didn't want the number 3 to feel excluded from my blog: So, this week I had lots of meetings, LOTS.....but nothing really life altering.....but it's only Friday :O). I do have a few other events early in the week I'll be sure to post about! Hold on to the edge of your computer chair for those little kernels and tidbits!

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Nicole said...

I hope that Muffin has been helping with the scrapbook!