Muffin's Big Day

Sunday, September 24, 2006
Today was Muffin's 15th birthday.....I let her 'escape' for a little while and sniff the grass, which is usually a big no no, she also had a few special meals, which is really what birthday are all about.....
Not to lesson the glow of that big news.....the Plano Balloon Festival is now over. The positive is it was gorgeous weather, the negative is that I don't think any balloons were able to ever go up, they are really beatiful when they launch them, but it's not the only time they's just not in such mass amounts with such unique designs the rest of the year.....but....I enjoyed the wind, and the sunshine?
Lilly also had a big adventure, she got her toe nail caught in one of my wrought iron lounge chairs, she was trying to get up next to my Mom, usually that would be fine, but the cushion wasn't in the chair. She paniced and ended up ripping her toe nails, one in particular bled for a long time and is still hanging on. She's limping and not feeling good, and on her way to the vet tomorrow (I haven't told her that yesterday)....if we survive the car ride (she is a terror) all should be well.
Jason also turns thirty tomorrow.....whoa....that's so old I have to go sleep off the shock of it!

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