Pitiful Paw....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lilly had her vet visit this afternoon, the vet had to snip her nail off, it was broken to the quick (he had to take her to another room b/c her being upset would have upset me...and she was), she's been limping all weekend :O(......so now....to keep it from getting dirt up into the sensitive opening he wrapped it, we've been through this before, under different circumstances. I figured this was a situation that needed a picture. What were the vets only recommendations?-That she leave it on for 48 hours.....as you can see, Lilly didn't listen. Notice
Max in the background going nuts over the 'Vet' smell, never did a dog love the vet so much, most dogs pull out the door, Max has to be dragged out pulling back towards the vets and their assistance.

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Maurine said...

My dogs also run INTO the vet!! I guess they think everyone in there loves animals so why not get all the attention we can, because as you know they are so neglected at home.