Monday, October 09, 2006

Animal Update

What I appreciate about my animals is how 'helpful' they are. Before the shower I cleaned up and Lilly didn't like the pillow arrangment in the guest room, so she added a few personal touches. I bought a basket to hold my chocolate dipped fortune cookies and Muffin let me know it made the perfect cat bed and just really helped open my eyes to some alternative uses so I wouldn't get to just use it 'one time'. Unfortunately, she didn't rsvp to the shower so she didn't get to stay....(don't worry, she was removed, it was cleaned and the fortune cookies were in cupcake holders....for those of you who don't have cats and still worry about sanitation ;O).


Nicole said...


Aren't pets grand!

Our cats love to do similar things - "fluff" the towels, sleep in sinks, "protect" our clothes, sneak into the luggage, etc.

(See examples here)

Maurine said...

I don't have a cat but I still end up with dog hair in unimaginable places.

Christy said...

Nicole, I love the pictures.....that looks about W and E wanta little gray kitty? She's really good at helping find good spots to nap.

Nicole said...

If you're talking about Bogart, no way!

She's WAY too cute to take away from your family.