Monday, November 06, 2006

Nascar Race

Yesterday we headed out to the race. We left home about 6 am (which was actually leaving 'late' compared to when Jason went last year) and swung by to get Jason and Tonya. We arrived a little after 8 at the Texas Motor Speedway, met up with some friends of my Mom's who were staying out there the whole weekend and then walked around 'shopping'. The race was delayed b/c of the rain (see the cloudy sky for the picture of the day), but after drying the track (with JET ENGINES) they were finally able to start. It was a true miracle that it did not rain anymore b/c it would have been a huge delay if it had. In addition to what turned out to be a nice day, Jason's driver, Tony Stewart, won for the first time in Texas! It was a lot of fun, lot's of wrecks (though nobody was hurt).....he stayed ahead for some unseemly number of laps and the end ended up being really exciting. I snapped WAY too many pictures, but here is one of Jason listening in on the driver's radio frequencies, it's 'the thing' to do at the races. You can hear them talking with their pit crew and vice versa. Afterwards we ended up eating dinner while a storm blew in, but we wanted the traffic to die down. It literally is at a stand still for HOURS afterwards. Even after waiting almost 3 hours to leave we got stuck waiting. I guess releasing 200,000 people at once can be a bit of a problem, but the parking was FREE, how about that? It can be b/c the tickets were so outrageous. It's something you should do at least once. I think my ears still hurt though, even with ear phones and ear plugs it was rough on the hearing. We finally managed to get home about ll. I didn't get anything done, INCLUDING a call to Marie, who's birthday it was yesterday, I'M SORRY!!! Carla got a call a day late too (Saturday) fact, I don't know that I've actually hit anyone ON their birthday, the last week and a half there have been 5 and if I didn't call the day before, I called the day after.....BUT it's a VERY important day, Marie is a very important person....and next year I'll call at least 28 times and she'll be BEGGING me not to call her on her birthday anymore! Happy Birthday, Marie! This last picture is a shot of Tony Stewart drivin behind the pace care during a caution, my favorite line of the day is "This is about the only car that's been in front of Tony Stewart all day." So what did he do? He started tapping it with his bumper, and they had to call down and tell him to cut it out.....which I think pretty much covers his personality, you love him or hate him, Jason loves him. ALMOST as much as I like Marie, did I mention I'm sorry I didn't call on your b-day?