Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Emotions of the Day

Happy: Today it snowed, it was hard to capture with the digital at school, but it was fun to watch those fat flakes (or as someone told me-big boned for the politically correct weather men out there) hit the ground....and melt....this is a small slice of the playground outside my school (the field), look closely, and use your imagination.
Sad: OK, did anybody else cry about the man with his petition on American Idol? So sweet.
Stingy: I went to the dermatologist and she dug in my skin, it stings.....
Proud: Went to the gym tonight, I tried to talk myself out of it in about ten different ways, but I went anyways.....I sure am tired of the gym.
Hungry: I forgot I bought a kitkat a few weeks ago, I seem to be addicted to the little buggers, I go through candy phases
Inspired: Speaking of candy, the other day at the grocery store, while I was waiting in line and straigtening their candy rows out, I know, if I worked at a store, I'd definitely want to be in charge of the candy, they are so bright and colorful, and so neatly packaged in small little uniform bundles....a little bit different from trying to sort through the lives of my students and their educational challenges, or rather the social issues that interfere with their education and create challenges....ahhh, 12 year olds....
Addicted: I'm searching for a 12-step program to enable me to stop watching the Africa Cam so much, today I saw an elephant, a giraffe, deer, and a monkey baby and it's monkey mama ....but then I thought....I think I want to set up a Puppy Cam at my house and see what the dogs do at home all day while I'm Max took an 8 pack of bottled DPs my Mom had in the utility room and brought the entire box and the bottles into the living room, then tore open the box and played with the bottles, can you imagine how said the trip to the animal shelther would have been this evening had he actually destroyed the contents of those bottles, or can you invision my reaction sitting at work watching the camera and not being able to do anything about it?


Holly said...

I didn't see or know about the guy who made a petition on American idol. What did it say?

Christy said...

He was a much older gentleman and he and his 'lady love' watched it together. She has been in the hospital with cancer, he petitioned to get on the show and sing a song for her (he was actually very good), and he had all these people sign it to allow him to go and sing even though he was over the age limit. She died a few days before he got there :O(