Sunday, January 28, 2007

Photo Journalism....

This post is under the heading "Careers, Christy should probably stay away from." I figured I'd post a little something this weekend, and it might be fun to attach a photo, so...considering all the exciting things I did this week ::laughs hsyterically::....I tried to decide which of the adventures I should photograph, and then I spent the evening chasing my photo choices around the house. I guess I finally tired them out and they decided to sit still. You should have seen all the photos I took with them in action (I think photographers spend less time and energy photographing weddings). So, one of the adventures this weekend was a new collar for Max. I got Lilly one awhile ago b/c her's faded swiftly (brown with pink polka dots), but I started feeling guilty, thinking-Max would know (and care very deeply) that he didn't have a new, pretty collar, so I found him one this weekend that looks like a man's tie (diagonal blue and green stripes) was that or one with bones etc....and I wanted them to both feel like they had on classy designer collars (apparently there isn't a great demand for designer collars b/c the pickings were slim), maybe in the summer months they will want something a little more playful and 'dog like.' But for now, aren't they lovely? Other than the new collar adventure (that turned into a new collar, new ball adventures b/c I just couldn't resist getting another ball for Max because he loves them sooooo much (so much that I didn't even 'stage' this picture)) I also taught Saturday school (notice I didn't attempt to photograph that happy memory) and headed out to eat lunch at Jason's. He grilled out for all of us, which was nice. I also tried two of my Supper Super meals, which have turned out very good.....and thus completes another weekend. I could add all the errands, gym visits and TV episodes I caught.....but I can't give away all my weekend guest room would never be empty again if you new all the fun had in Mi Casa (ha).


Nicole said...


I think I remember one thing that Cesar Milan has told clients on the The Dog Whisperer TV show is that they treat their pets like people.


I know we do that with our cats!