Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bumper Cars

Just a little story that triggered a silly memory...this morning I got rear-ended! Initially, it made me freak because the ladies car carried my car forward so far I'm surprised it wasn't a chain reaction. There is a road that has work being done that goes from 3 to 2 lanes, so the line waiting at the RED light was really long in front of me (at least 20 cars) AND behind me (probaby another ten). She was watching the light and just hit the gas when the light went green....I'm sure her morning was much worse than mine, I would have hated to be on her end of it. All I can say is that-the TrailBlazer is a pretty sturdy suv.....I have a headache, but my car just has a little scratch....or what I like to describe as "character" (that's what people who want to save their insurance for a rainy day call it-it's not much of anything, you'd have to get out your microscope and high beams, and maybe a little imagination to see it-but hello, this story would not be interesting at all if I said there was 'no damage')....anyway-by the time we pulled over (which took awhile-because we had to wait for the 20 cars in front of us to move, and unlike HER, it took them awhile to pull out of the stand still position) I was able to be very nice....but it took so much out of me and I was so shaken up-I was so determined I was going to be in a bad mood today at work (Do you ever feel that way-determined to be tense?)....and I arrived 2 minutes before I needed to be there....and forgot about my mood....and the rest of the day went well. It reminded me of when I was little and my Mom and I would argue over something at night and I would go to bed upset and have all these glorious plans of the silent treatment I planned to administer (looking back, she would have probably thought she was on vacation if I had really gone through with that one)....but then halfway through the next day I'd remember I was supposed to be mad at her! I would be so upset that I ruined a perfectly good pouting point I had planned to make.....and so one time I even wrote a note to myself and put it under my pillow "Remember to be mad at Mom tomorrow." Of course, I didn't remember there was a note under my some point I grew up, went forward at church, realized where anger didn't get me, but how silly to look back and remember....and cringe....oh the stories we could all tell, if we were willing ;o)


Nicole said...

I completely understand your getting rear-ended experience. I had a similar thing happen to me in May 2005.

Glad to hear that you weren't hurt and there was very little damage to the SUV!!