Sunday, January 14, 2007

MaryAnne's Wedding

All right, here are the details.....what an unusual evening I had yesterday....
I arrived at the wedding an hour and a half early (as promised) and decorated the church, get this-I forgot my camera!! I know, if that doesn't throw you into shock, I don't know what will, but I've got some connections, and I think I can get some photos, (but my connection is the mother of the bride, the busiest Mom on the face of the earth, so it may be awhile, unless the photographer puts them on-line). Everything ran smoothly, the church was beautiful, but very, very cold, it has enormously high ceilings, and it's old, it's one of those beautiful Catholic churches people walk into just to look at filled with beautiful statues and the stations of the cross etc. The only hitch was that quite a few people didn't show b/c of the weather, all night on the news they were saying ice, ice, and more ice, the worst storm in years, power lines and tree limbs would be down everywhere, so I could see that, but regardless of those warnings, I would say there was well over 150 people there, but some significant vacancies (Mary's family in OK etc). In addition, there was some Dallas choir that had to cancel (the reason she chose this date-because they would be back to school and able to sing for her, she had been a member in college), but, luckily the 'singers' who had performed 4 o'clock mass were happy to stay and sing (and who wouldn't, a guy from the Vatican was performing the ceremony). Anyway, 7 bridesmaids, two flower girls, and two ring b's made it down the aisle without a hitch, a gorgeous bride, and a happy groom went through the the traditions and are married. The guy from the Vatican was very interesting, he mentioned having children a lot more than I've heard anyway else, sang a lot of things and there were a million things that I didn't understand. I've been to a lot of Catholic wedding masses (all but one of the ones I have been in were Catholic, but I've always been walked through the program, so this one was more difficult for me to understand). They didn't kiss, which was different from any other service I've been to (though they did at the reception), she also left a gift for the Virgin Mary at her statue (which I haven't seen before)-Ave Maria was sung during this time, which I did know, communion was taken by those Catholics in attendance (which was most of the guest). It was the most Catholic, Catholic thing I think I've ever been too, and it took 90 minutes. Afterwards we headed over to the reception, all the details were great, the food was really, really good and the cake was to die for. The dances she chose were soooo cute, and it was a completely full dance floor up to and probably after the time I headed home. The favors were so cute, and I can take a picture of that just so you won't feel totally out of the wedding loop. The next wedding (I think) is March....I love weddings!