9 Bouncing Baby Boys

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Another friend of mine, Gretchen, found out today she is having a boy. I don't have ANY friends in the last two years that have produced anything but little boy babies....so if one could pop out a girl---->I'd certainly have plenty of nice little boys to introduce her to when she gets older. I just think that is an odd little fact (I'm waiting on two more friends to find out what they are having). Amber and I will be throwing her a work shower in May.....and we can use some of the 'stuff' I've used in the past :O) More planning to come later....it'll be relatively 'low key' compared to the extravaganzas I usually like to throw because it's May and I'll be running on fumes....and because it'll be after work-people usually just want to high tail it out of there at the end of the day! Basically, I'm posting so if you check with any regularity....there is something for you to read :O)

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