Monday, March 26, 2007

Christmas Past

It was about that time for another project on my list. My Mom had a stocking from when she was a very young girl (some how it was-approproately-pink), most of the beads and sequins have fallen off over the years, but each year we have still put it up for the holiday season. There are also some little 'elf' ornaments that have been hanging on our tree and the M's tree each Christmas that came from Mom and Lois' childhood, so I decided this year to save those memories in a 'collage''s my first attempt at the world of 'collaging' and I found I bought WAY too many things and ended up using very little. Of course it's a secret from my Mom (as you can tell from my public posting, and she was there for the whole process), but it'll be a Mother's Day gift this I need to work on replacing the stocking I've enclosed in glass!


mcewen said...

Yes of course! That's the bit I would have forgotten - to make a replacement for the one you've locked up!
Best wishes

Kaysi said...

Fun idea!