Sunday, March 25, 2007


There is not a lot going on that is newsbreaking (or rather, picture worthy). So I thought I'd just fill in a few little updates from the week.
-I met Neka (friend from Baylor) this week for an evening of catching up, it was great to get to chat with her and see she is doing well.
-A friend from work, Debbie, went in and had a surgery to remove cancer in her uterus. It has been a sad time at work thinking about her. She is one of the kindest people I know, but the good news in a bad news situation was that they really felt like the cancer had invaded major organs before going in, and that it was Stage 4 (the worst), but it is 'only' Stage 3, it was a really high level within the stage, and they found where it had indeed spread to the lymphnodes. She is scheduled for chemo through September. I've been asking everyone I know to pray for her, so....please pray for her, trust me, if you knew her, you would love her!
-This week I should find out where I'll be next year as far as the new reading position, I'm looking forward to that so I have some more specific directions for next year.
-It's crunch time at work, there are only a few more Saturday's left for Saturday school, and the end is in sight.....if I'm changing positions I've got a LOT to do, a long with quite a few workshops I need to be revamping and/or creating to present this summer.