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Friday, March 16, 2007
Today was the last day of my spring break. It was as super busy week, but I did get to catch up on some sleep, read, and socialize, three of my favorite things :O) I rounded out my week with my annual trip to the quilt show with Sonia. Everytime I make a quilt, I say-this is the last time, but every time I go to a fabric store, I come back with a new quilt pattern and the fabric to go with it-I'm in love with fabrics, but not the process of putting those fabrics together. Today I actually went with the intent of finding some fabric. I had three fat quarters I had fallen in love with, and I was going to find some friends for those little guys, but instead, I found this super fun fabric and pattern from the old Dick and Jane story book. I've taken a photo of the fabric on the back of the quilt. I have no intentions of working on this project anytime soon, but now I have it for when I am ready to work on it :O). It looks like a relatively entertaining pattern. In the meantime, I have about a million other projects that come first....I thought I'd share one piece of my week via the blog :O).

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mcewen said...

I do that too - come across THE perfect thing, put it away safely somewhere for later = forget about it completely.
Wishing you 'productivity'
Best wishes