Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

I love Easter, I especially love the new Easter clothes all the little kiddos wear to church on Easter Sunday. I remember I got a matching dress, shoes and a purse each year when I was little, and I would always fill my purse with candy to munch on during the service....Easter means a lot more to me now, but I still enjoy those memories....and the candy. The answer to: Do you ever outgrow an Easter basket? Is: No! This year my Mom's 'theme' was yellow ducks...I've been collecting random ducks forever, and I even had to keep a bunch of 'stuff' out b/c it just flat wouldn't fit (in case you have never met my Mom-she loves ducks, despite her 'tragic' tale of her dad giving her a duck one Easter that later chased her around her backyard). My basket was filled with lots of pink things and bunnies, which I love. HOPEFULLY the candy will last me for awhile. This morning was a cold morning, it actually snowed this weekend, it didn't stick, but there were some significant flurries, which was interesting to see on Easter weekend! We went over to my Aunt's house for Easter, and among other things-Dr. Pepper was provided, THIS is a staple at EVERY holiday meal....or any meal in general. So I snapped a picture of Sandy joining us for a game of Apples to Apples, Dr. Pepper and Dessert. It has been a really nice weekend. Cheesecake with Holly on Good Friday, lunch with Nicole on Saturday where she gave me the opportunity to just 'talk out' things that have been bothering me (thanks for always being such a great listener Nicole!), and then today was church and lunch with the family. I hope that your Easter was fabulous, and regardless of what the bunny did, or didn't bring you, I hope you know today (and every day) is about how perfectly God loves you regardless of where you are, or aren't at in your life, or where you were, or weren't this Easter morning, and He expressed that love through His Son, Jesus. John 3:16 sums up today so perfectly!