Thursday, April 19, 2007

Job News

Today I got the news I had been waiting for-it seems like longer than it really has been because I began this process last year as well, but then decided at the last minute not to follow through at that time. This year I really thought all my ducks were in a row and the stars were perfectly lined up blah blah blah. I guess when you make those big life changes, you always second guess your decision. I got the answer I know I wanted, and I am excited that I have finally encouraged myself to move on....truly. I get to be a Campus Reading Specialist next year, but more than that, I get to stay at the school where I'm currently teaching! I basically got everything I wanted, which is really awesome. I began the process of cleaning stuff out in my classroom, boy do I have a LOT to go despite everything I've already done, but today as I was sorting through things (I'll still be using that line in June, trust me-you know my pack-rat ways) I was feeling a little sad to be leaving 6th grade, full time students, my teaching partner blah, blah, was before I got the 'news,' but I knew there would be changes next year regardless. I got this email (a daily devotional I'm attaching to the bottom of this) right before I got the email regarding my job news, and I thought-I'm so glad that God gives some of the more 'needy' of us some really clear signs when He knows we are going to need them! I've highlighted the part in red that really just hit the nail on the head! There are five more weeks of school, and a whole summer, a lot could change, but right now I feel really good about everything. So I can finally say: I got the job! The first person to read this, is the first friend to know the news because as of right now I haven't told anyone, TAKS test has kept us busy all week! I hope the spring is bringing some great new beginnigs to your life right now!

"All things are lawful for me," but not all things are helpful. "All things are lawful for me," but I will not be enslaved by anything.

--1 Corinthians 6:12

I've noticed something every time we have moved to a new home. We wind up getting rid of things we didn't need and were just cluttering up the house.

Some people are keepers and some are throwers-and they usually marry one another! The keepers hang on to things because of the comfort of the known and the emotional attachment to these items. The throwers toss stuff away because they know it isn't needed and will slow them down.

I want to propose to you today that we all need to be spiritual throwers. When God wants us to move on to another place in our spiritual lives, we should throw out all of the clutter we have accumulated-old ideas, attitudes, and habits from the past that just weigh us down. Let's get rid of anything that isn't necessary to keep living and moving forward for Christ. To not be enslaved to anything.

When a tall building is built, there's usually scaffolding that goes all the way to the top. But when the building is finished, the scaffolding isn't needed. It would be silly and unnecessary to keep scaffolding up around a finished building, but that's what a lot of believers are doing in their spiritual lives.

Don't be attached to or dependent upon unnecessary things. When God wants you to move on, drop everything that holds you back and go forward in faith and obedience! !