A week worth of fun....

Thursday, May 31, 2007 No comments
Most of this week I have been in workshops from 8-4, with one more to go before my summer begins. I'm headed out to visit some new states over the next few weeks, and so I've revisited a fun site I was introduced to via Nicole awhile back. After this trip my map of the US will look like this:

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.
My goal is to hit all 50 states in the next ten years or so....slowly, but surely I'm getting there!

Feeling a little blue...

Thursday, May 24, 2007 No comments
I know each of you could remind me why I chose to take this new position, but today was a sad day all the same as I said good bye to a classroom full of kids for the last time. All my troubles with twelve year olds were totally erased, it's like I am suffering from amnesia and can only remember all the reasons I want to stay now! I was so sad to see my kids go, and I truly think if there was a gracious way to do it, without making a million enemies, I'd beg to teach 6th grade again next year! I guess it's good to leave on a positive note, but it would somehow seem a little easier if I didn't like my job and was moving on for that reason! Tomorrow I hope to finish moving most of my stuff, and start setting up my new room, it's on the 'other side' of the building, but somehow the walk feels really far right now! Imagine if I were moving to a new school, or ::gulp:: a new district?

All That Jazz

Saturday, May 19, 2007 No comments
Tonight I inserted a little culture into my life (like spending 8 hours a day with 60 12 year olds doesn't create an environment full of 'cultural learning opportunities'....). I went to a jazz concert...and I thought-I enjoyed this, why don't I do it more often? I've done it before, I've had that thought before.....and then another three years passed between one concert to the next, someone hands me a free ticket to see a group I vaguely remembered that I enjoyed the last time I saw them....and the cycle continues!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007 4 comments
I've always hated crocs, but I did get a pair a few weeks ago when I was shopping in Hot Springs. I took a picture of the cutest pair of ugly shoes I've had in awhile (Cotton Candy Colored) so this post would have a picture, post are more fun with pictures....and it's all about the entertainment value. Not too many life altering events-today I went with the sixth graders to Medieval Times. They did a great job, and I had a good time as well. This afternoon was the last of the baby showers for awhile. Tomorrow is Aunt Lois' b-day, so I've spent the evening helping my Mom bake a cake (and way I say helping-I mean-licking bowls because you never outgrow that). There are now 6 more days with students, and then we have a staff development on Friday,and most of the following week. I hope to get everything moved into my new classroom before I leave for vacation in a few weeks. And thus completes another post of random thoughts...


Saturday, May 12, 2007 No comments
I'm 4/5ths of the way through the showers. It's been an enjoyable ride! This afternoon I went to Monica's shower out in Fort Worth. She's having a boy-Elijah Wade. His due date is the same day my Mom's was when she was pregnant with me. I let her know it would be a lot easier for me to remember if she could manage to have him on my birthday. She looks great, and she got loads of cute gifts. I managed to meet my sugar quota for the day too. This next Wednesday is the last of the showers for awhile (unless you know something I don't).


Tuesday, May 08, 2007 No comments
On Sunday evening I went to see the musical Wicked! I have heard about it for quite some time, and I intended to go when it was in town two years ago, but the tickets sold out, despite adding additional shows! The music I had heard was cute, and the story line sounded like something up my alley. What were the witches from OZ like before they were 'good' and 'bad?' The story is told from another perspective, and it turns out to be really great, and it explains how OZ came to be, I can't imagine anyone NOT enjoying it, and the packed crowd definitely did, I don't know that I can remember another show with so much energy and excitement. It was very funny and trendy! This has swung me back into the musical kick.....now I'm aiming to get tickets to Chicago starring Lisa Rinna with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin and I saw that the Lion King will be here during the fair! There are some other great ones too, but I'm trying to be conservative!

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Sunday, May 06, 2007 3 comments
This weekend I went to Hot Springs, AR with Sonia and Shelly, two friends from work. I would imagine that a lot of you already know this, but Hot Springs gets it's name because there are 'hot springs' running under ground in this mountainous area. The city was built around them, and you can walk up to hundreds of little springs and fill water bottles full of fresh (hot) spring water. The water gets as hot as 200 plus degrees and is full of minerals, which is the source the town was founded around. I'm posting a picture of what is called 'Bath House Row' Bath houses were created down the main street and people flocked from all over the country, and even the world at the turn of the century because they believed the minerals provided healing powers for general and serious problems. There are a ton of other fun things to see and do in Hot Springs, and there are still a few bath houses available, including the one at the very back of the first picture (the large two domed Arlington Hotel. The third floor is a historic bath house. We spent most of the day shopping along the cute little shops in downtown Hot Springs (second photo), and driving to the top of the mountain and sight seeing, and then we spent 90 minutes having mineral baths and massages, it was a really fun, and unique experience, and all three of us were totally relaxed afterwards. It's always fun to have a girls weekend :O)

Baby Buckaroo

Thursday, May 03, 2007 2 comments

Today was the first of 4 showers in the next two weeks (only one of which I'm hosting :O)). All went well, it was a shower at the school, so it's very low key (a new term I'm letting resonate in my head), AND.....hold the applause because if you know me, you will be shocked to know-I was able to recycle things I had used in previous showers (How's that sign looking, Kelly?), sooooo food/invites/plates etc were the only thing that needed to be purchased (expensive for 50 people, but NOTHING compared to the 'olden days'), how's that for turning over a new leaf? The menu was cupcakes with little 'tin star' toppers, lemonade (look family, Nicole?) and trail mix (in buckets and bags on the tables, along with crayons and butcher paper, everyone went to town coloring). Guest signed boots and we made a wreath for Gretchen to hang on her door when she brings Jacob Allen home!