Hot Springs, Arkansas

Sunday, May 06, 2007
This weekend I went to Hot Springs, AR with Sonia and Shelly, two friends from work. I would imagine that a lot of you already know this, but Hot Springs gets it's name because there are 'hot springs' running under ground in this mountainous area. The city was built around them, and you can walk up to hundreds of little springs and fill water bottles full of fresh (hot) spring water. The water gets as hot as 200 plus degrees and is full of minerals, which is the source the town was founded around. I'm posting a picture of what is called 'Bath House Row' Bath houses were created down the main street and people flocked from all over the country, and even the world at the turn of the century because they believed the minerals provided healing powers for general and serious problems. There are a ton of other fun things to see and do in Hot Springs, and there are still a few bath houses available, including the one at the very back of the first picture (the large two domed Arlington Hotel. The third floor is a historic bath house. We spent most of the day shopping along the cute little shops in downtown Hot Springs (second photo), and driving to the top of the mountain and sight seeing, and then we spent 90 minutes having mineral baths and massages, it was a really fun, and unique experience, and all three of us were totally relaxed afterwards. It's always fun to have a girls weekend :O)


Nicole said...

Sounds a lot like Eureka Springs, AR!


Nicole said...

Out of curiosity, what was the occasion?

A work convention?
Or just for fun?

Christy said...

It was just for fun, a lady I work with was given the weekend at the B & B from a friend who won it in an auction, but decided they wouldn't be going. Sonia celebrated her 40th this year, so we decided to go out there in celebration of her birthday :O).