Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baby Buckaroo

Today was the first of 4 showers in the next two weeks (only one of which I'm hosting :O)). All went well, it was a shower at the school, so it's very low key (a new term I'm letting resonate in my head), AND.....hold the applause because if you know me, you will be shocked to know-I was able to recycle things I had used in previous showers (How's that sign looking, Kelly?), sooooo food/invites/plates etc were the only thing that needed to be purchased (expensive for 50 people, but NOTHING compared to the 'olden days'), how's that for turning over a new leaf? The menu was cupcakes with little 'tin star' toppers, lemonade (look family, Nicole?) and trail mix (in buckets and bags on the tables, along with crayons and butcher paper, everyone went to town coloring). Guest signed boots and we made a wreath for Gretchen to hang on her door when she brings Jacob Allen home!


Nicole said...

So cute!
(And yes, I remember the lemonade.)

I think you should stop teaching and become a party planner.

Seriously. You're amazing! You'd have an amazing amount of advertising by word of mouth alone.

And then, once you get famous, you can have your own TV show to show others how to do it - like Party Girl on the Discovery Home Channel.

Christy said...

I have actually watched Party Girl a few times, I just discovered her (along with The Deadliest Catch, my new favorite show). There is a lady at my work who told me to make up business cards so she could give them out, but I don't know that I'm ready for that, but it's fun to put some old items to good use, and I enjoy all the hunting for the 'perfect container for rolls'....