Tuesday, May 08, 2007


On Sunday evening I went to see the musical Wicked! I have heard about it for quite some time, and I intended to go when it was in town two years ago, but the tickets sold out, despite adding additional shows! The music I had heard was cute, and the story line sounded like something up my alley. What were the witches from OZ like before they were 'good' and 'bad?' The story is told from another perspective, and it turns out to be really great, and it explains how OZ came to be, I can't imagine anyone NOT enjoying it, and the packed crowd definitely did, I don't know that I can remember another show with so much energy and excitement. It was very funny and trendy! This has swung me back into the musical kick.....now I'm aiming to get tickets to Chicago starring Lisa Rinna with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin and I saw that the Lion King will be here during the fair! There are some other great ones too, but I'm trying to be conservative!