Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jacob Allen

Today I got to hold Jacob Allen in his hospital room, at just over 24 hours old and 7.8 pounds. He came yesterday via C-Section (planned, he's Gretchen's second). He's such a doll, he made the cutest little chirping noises and was just a happy little boy. I've held quite a few babies in the last few years (a feel a bit like a politician, except I am enjoying it a lot more), but I don't know the last time I held one that was a day old...probably a cousin or two a few decades ago :O). I'm excited that he lives so close. He's one in a long line of babies being born right now to friends. He's a cutie....I can't wait to meet the rest of the little baby boys being born soon...and revisiting the little ones growing up like summer weeds. If any of you ever have a girl, I have a slew of potential little guys to introduce them to when they are say....30 or so :O).


Nicole said...

Yup, he looks pretty "fresh".

And cute!