Friday, June 22, 2007

Curriculum Chaos

This is the sort of thing I pass when walking around the house.....I guess Lilly is serious about keeping me at home now that I'm here....which shouldn't be too much of a problem considering the magnitude of the project I just took on. I got a call this week from one of the 'big wigs' in the district to come and look at some new SS materials they bought for the district......she said she'd like me to help align it with what they currently have and integrate it with the LA/R project.....I had no idea how HUGE this project was....and I'm just glad I've already gone on my summer vacation....I have a feeling Max, Lilly and I will be spending a lot of time together as I muddle through trying to put all the puzzle pieces together-I'm a little nervous because it's a project with a big impact that culminates in a really scary presentation. I've done a lot of presentations in the past, but it's a new level with a bigger impact.....with the potential for a lot of groans-I'm just thinking how I would feel on the other end, but on this end, I also see my hands are tied. It's not a matter of creating new material for them-but it's supposed to be about using what they bought (pre-consulting any teachers) with what they already have (that's not entirely popular). It should be an interesting July!


Nicole said...

Good job, Lilly!

Hope the project goes well. Sounds like you've got your hands full.

Christy said...

It's a big one (I feel like I'm telling one of those fish stories where I'm holding my hands out 4 times the size of the real fish....except that my fish really IS as big as I say it is, but I'm not sure I can really get it across through blogging unless I complain a LOT and then I don't think anyone will want to hear about it at that point anyway ;o). Today, after working 13 hours on it (literally, that's how long I worked, excluding breaks....) I think it gave birth or something b/c I thought I was measuring how long it was and it was getting a tad smaller, and then I reexamined and it wasn't...there was even more than I thought left...blah!).