Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Santa Fe

After all I saw, it's amazing to think I can sum of the places so quickly, but I figured I didn't need to blog about ALL the sites, just the main ones, though I did skim over some very interesting little quirks along the road. I'm now on the last stop before home-Santa Fe. We arrived in Santa Fe to some really horrendous rain. Once we got checked in, we headed down to a place I read about previously called Cowgirl BBQ and Hall of Fame. The atmosphere was fun, and the food was great. We drove around a bit, but most of the shops were closed for the day, so we made an early night of it and went back out to the Plaza that runs along the old Santa Fe Trail the next morning. We spent a lot of the morning shopping and site seeing, and I found a lot of little goodies in the little stores lining the Plaza. Santa Fe is a really cute place (it's the capital city for anyone studying up....) the houses are built of adobe, and there is a lot of scenic locations to investigate. In the pm we drove around some of the other sites, and then the next day we headed on home. Now I have 1100 plus pictures to sort through after driving 4,210.9 miles and I'm looking forward to organizing and scrapbooking all the adventures.....and collecting a few more stories and pictures before the summer is complete.