Sunday, July 22, 2007

Going the way of the Buffalo...

My weekend a Lake Murray consisted of: a cabin shared with Mom, Lois, Holly and Brian; ping pong, minature golf, a boat ride past Tucker Tower and across Lake Murray, dinner at 'the' Apple Bin, arcade and pool games, a little hike up a road at the state park, a swing, slide photo ops, star gazing and moon hunting with a telescope, chasing geese, swimming, spades, dominoes, cooking out, shopping, lakeside views, cattails (pictured-when I was little my Mom told me this was called a "Corn Dog Plant" and this is where corn dogs come from-the restaurant at the lodge served corn dogs on the children's menu, which was usually my meal of choice and while we waited to be served, she convinced me any delay in service was because they were out 'picking' my meal from around the lake-I was a little mixed up as a kiddo), and lastly my weekend consisted of the sad news that one of my very favorite places to 'get away' as a child and an adult is being sold off and eventually 'renovated' or torn down to make way for a luxory hotel....feeling a little blue, but refreshed after a weekend of fun and remembering some of the best of times!


mcewen said...

It always gives you that empty feeling when something like that happens [I think it happens more and more the older you get] [not that I wish to imply that you're old! Perish the thought]
Best wishes