Monday, July 30, 2007

"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle."
-- Amy Bloom
No....I'm not in love :O)....but despite a really busy week, and a lot of outings, socializing, and projects, the highlight of the week (as it should be) was church this Sunday. It was all about LOVE....if you've ever been in love, think you might some day be in love, or have had anyone who has discussed being in love and needed your advice, you should definitely check it out (it's the kind of advice I hope you will feed back to me someday if I'm questioning the concept). You can hear the sermon at anytime throughout the week by following the links. The basic idea was that love is an action and not an emotion. There are emotions linked with love, both good....and bad....but the heart of the word resides in actions. When God says He loves you, He's not just speaking of feelings He has for you, it's the actions behind those feelings, and the permanancy of the love He has for you. The sermon includes all the advice I wish I had given when confronted with problems, and all the things I needed to hear when considering the future. I 'loved' it....:O) I hesitate to even give a summary b/c there is no way I can really express how great it was and motivating, but I hope you will check it was one of those weeks when I wish I had saved enough room in the pews and enough money for the airfare to include you all...I needed a little revival, and I enjoyed thinking-THIS is why I go to church, it revives me, renews me, strengthens and educates me into the way I want to lead my life.


mcewen said...

Well we all need a little help sometimes.
best wishes