Saturday, July 14, 2007

Seeing Stars

I like to make list....which isn't a surprise for most of you, but one thing I make a list of are things I want to go see and do around the Dallas area in the summer. It's a big city, there is a lot I have still never done (though I've done a lot) and a lot I have not done in long time. Today I checked two of my 'Summer 2007' activities off the list. Holly, Brian and I headed to the Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park (not to be confused with the Dallas World Aqaurium). I had previously been to this aquarium, but it's been QUITE a few years. It's a little bit small, but still fun to browse, and very affordable. They have a three legged sea turtle (along with another much large turtle, with all four legs and a ton of other turtles in all shapes and sizes), lots of local examples of fish, as well as fish all over the world, a shark tank, a lot of jelly fish and other of their harmful little friends, and then a pretty big selection of sea horses, included the cutest little exhibit of baby sea horses, which I loved! Just FYI, you can also call off the search, we found Nemo....

After the aquarium we headed over to the Planetarium (there are a ton of museums all sitting close together in fair park) to see a film set inside the planetarium dome called New Horizons about the planets, and then we saw a live sky show, which was an interactive chat about the stars, constellations, planets and little tidbits about the solar system. It was cool, I love the planetarium. We also had a little fun with the plastic astronaut helmets while waiting for the show, because we are mature like that...I'm sharing Brian's pictures-it's 'out of the world', things are just funnier when you post at 2 am!


Lydia M said...

I like the astronaut pic.