Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hello my name is Christy, and I'm a scrapaholic....

Scrapbooking isn't the only thing I've done in the last few days, but it is certainly one of the things I have been enjoying a lot of....and I do mean A LOT. Not that I haven't enjoyed the company of all the friends I have met up with, but look---there is just something about a sticker.....these are a couple of the pages I have done the last two days, I have a whole book full of them, some I like more than others. I'm sharing these b/c it shows some of my new trends. The first page (the yellow page) is all about the 'mini books' inside the envelope with the ribbon on time is a little mini book with the pictures and stories of the funny signs and bathrooms we saw along the way...oh and there are a lot of buttons...per usual. Page two-it's all about the flowers, boy do I love those flowers. Page three-I do love my CM punches and use them all the time (thanks Maurine for introducing me to the produce) and I can't stop using rope on the pages....and thus completes a day in the life of gluestick heaven. I think I remember mentioning a work project I was supposed to be working on.....but there are no stickers, so it has lost some of it's appeal, though the director would disagree with that decision!