Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quilt Part Two

Last week I picked up my quilt, and this week I completed the binding. I tried to lay it out to show the end result, but I always have help when I put projects on the floor. I'm also attaching a close up of the 'quilting'.....I asked for swirls, and I love it. This quilt is for my I just have to clean my room to make it worthy of the quilt. I really like the colors. I already have my next project bought and ready to sew, but I'm going to retire for awhile and continue to work on quilt a year is enough.


Nicole said...

That's so neat - with the swirls!

Remind me: how much did you have to do versus the finished product that they returned to you?
I.e. Did you already have to have all of the squares sewn together?

Christy said...

I have all the fabric, cut it all into squares, sew those into larger squares (trim to the same size) and then sew those into rows (matching all the points is the most difficult part b/c sewing and cutting aren't an exact science), next all the rows are sewed together, then adding a border (two in this case) and ta da a completed top. The next step is taking a loooong piece of fabric and slicing it into thirds, sewing that together (the least complicated piece)for the back and then there is a binding which you set aside. I take the top and bottom piece to the quilter, she puts the pattern on to keep the two pieces together and the inside batting (the swirls). I got it back, trimmed again, sewed the binding to one side, hand stitched on the other. I have no desire to learn how to hand quilt.

Nicole said...

Ah hmmm...

I think I'd get as far as: "Here are my squares, here is the order / direction that I want them in, and now I need to find someone to do the rest."