Celebrating through Struggles

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last year my Mom and I began what we knew would become a tradition. As of September 1, 2006-it had been a year since my Mom had surgery to remove her breast cancer. This year in celebration we planned to again celebrate the day, and have some girl time with Lois and Holly while visiting Lake Murray (for the day) one last time before they began the remodeling process at the resort. The yellow flowers were in full bloom, the lake was full of boaters, and the pool felt great. It was nice to get away because this past Thursday my Mom found out that her cancer has returned. She has an MRI and a meeting with her surgeon schedule for this week to learn what about the next steps she will need to take. We will continue to celebrate on September 1st, and next year we will have even more to celebrate. Please keep her in your prayers in the next few weeks especially as she prepares for surgery and all that follows.

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Maurine & Derek said...

GOD BLESS you and your mom!! You are both in my prayers. She is blessed to have you as a daughter and a friend.