Saturday, October 20, 2007

Race for the Cure Part 3

This morning we headed downtown early to join up with the other 20,000 or so racers in this year's Dallas Race for the Cure. My Mom wasn't planning on joining in since she had a bilateral less than four weeks ago, but she decided she didn't want to be left out...and she walked (though that's probably small fries compared to the other battles she has been fighting lately, it was good to see). It took almost 30 minutes to even get to the start line due to the crowd ahead of us (the runners were already finishing up!), but I do have proof we weren't the last of the walkers, in fact, this is the crowd that extended way past my camera's view finder of all those walking behind us :O)


Nicole said...

That's so neat!

Glad that you guys were able to participate.