Saturday, October 27, 2007


I did it, I attended my 10-Year Reunion, or at least-the first part. For a few hundred extra I could be having dinner with the others who paid the fee tonight, but I chose to attend the part I was the most interested in because I have the good fortune of keeping up with a lot of high school friends and having dinner with them more frequently than every ten years (with less of a price tag), maybe next time... I was talking with a friend at work about it this last week and she told me the girls would look the same, and the guys would have less hair-she was right! Other than that, everyone naturally formed their little clicks, including me, I headed straight to my zone of friendship. Per usual we all chatted amongst the groups, but in the end, we sat with the people we sat with in high school within the group of reunion goers. Despite the class of 475 that I graduated with-there were only about 30-40 people that went to the game last night (that I saw), it might be that more come tonight, but it was an interesting experience all the same. A few of my friends had cameras and I let them do the picture taking-I'll post a few pictures when the email them to me.


Brian and Ella said...

happy 10 years! did you all go to a pearce game as part of your reunion? what a great idea...and inexpensive...wish we had done that for ours! You'll have to let me know how people are doing!

Christy said...

No, I just paid the admission to the game, I didn't do any of the other events that cost money (aside from the 5 dollars it cost to get into the game), but there was a section that everyone was sitting, so I still got to see a lot of the people. A lot of people and their spouses were there, most people looked the same, some of the guys had less hair :O)