A Christmas Project

Saturday, December 01, 2007

On Friday, my friend Terry taught me a new crafting skills. I now know how to use a jigsaw. She helped guide me to cut out two candy canes and 6 peppermint. I have red and white lights I put in the front of my house each Christmas, so I wanted some yard additions, without the expense (though now that I've become involved in 'wood crafts' it may be a LOT more expensive in the long run...but fun). This is my first attempt at making 'yard art.' I need to learn a few wood painting skills in the future, but from the street I think it's going to be just fine! Any project that starts with a saw and ends with adhesive spray and glitter has got to be a fun one! I also bought some preshaped wood (Terry is going to show me how to do that with another saw in the next installment of 'wood crafting lessons.') and I painted them like pepperments as well to go in some garland I'm planning on stringing around my door and decorating-pictures to come later :O) of the completed project....it's not finished yet.


Nicole said...

You're amazing!

Hard to believe you're the same person who needed Jason to replace the light socket in your closet! You'll be teaching us some things now!


Christy said...

NO, I'd still need a light bulb demo. I don't get along with electricity...or anything that requires electricity (which includes all technology).