Santa's Naughty List

Saturday, December 01, 2007
Number one this year on Santa's Naughty List is MAX!!! What a BRAT. He has been on a real tear lately. This week my little furry kids and I received a Christmas package in the mail from Maurine, Derek and their furrbabies. There were about nine little packages. As only us kidless gals understand-we include gifts for each other's pets in our packages (or maybe that is just Maurine and I? Regardless, it's a tradition that makes us happy). I opened the box, pulled the wrapped contents out, and set them VERY high on top of my table on top of a huge box I had yet to put away. The point-they were ALL very high. I had to run to a meeting, and when I came home, to what should my wondering eyes should appear? TWO unwrapped gifts. Now, you might say-there must have been dog food inside for him to be able to pinpoint which TWO of the NINE gifts he would most want to open... no-my dog can smell rubber from dog toys and locate the object of his affection-squeaky rubber toys, and little fuzzy dog babies. He also loves gift wrap, he loves to open it and then bury his toys within. I immediatey documented the crime on film, as you can see he wouldn't give me eye contact-and then he took his oversized body outside to think about what he had done. Anyway, Maurine, the toys were a hit a month early (sorry). I guess they get to enjoy them over the ENTIRE holiday season....they better because I don't think they make squeaky dog coal and I'm not sure he's getting anything else for Christmas.


Nicole said...

Sounds just like Einstein's tricks!

Maurine & Derek said...

Oh Max, what are we going to do with you. Next year I will look for doggy coal. At least his favorite aunt made him happy before he got in trouble.