Friday, December 21, 2007
Sometimes I enjoy being single. This past month I've gone over to friend's houses to learn how to make candy, play around with calligraphy, and saw shapes out of wood. Today I attended three Christmas parties starting with a breakfast and ending in a dinner...times two....and I didn't have to think about who was, or was not waiting at home (minus the constant worry about the dogs, who don't have any trouble entertaining themselves while I'm gone, which is pretty much where the 'trouble' begins. It's a guessing game to see what they have been into when I arrive home). I do want to be married...someday, but I appreciate the freedom of trying out every craft known to (wo)man, spending time with most of the population of Dallas, and calling people at strange times (and updating my blog at 12:30 am). BUT.....there are those moments when I do think maybe I should hit fast forward on the husband finding hunt. For the last month I have been on mission. Now that the weather is turning chilly there are certain residence who are looking for a warmer place to spend the winter months....I have a colony of lizards living around my house. I first spotted a giant lizard in my guest room and asked him nicely to leave. The next time I spotted him, about a week later, I tried to evict him with a box, a bear, and a lot of screaming. I gave up, and I wasn't happy about it, but I usually only spend time in the guest room in the light and I can monitor closely the reptile population. Then....one evening as I walked towards my bed I noticed a lizard hanging to the side of my bed skirt. I jumped around the room shrieking for a bit (rather ineffective as a single). Tried to interest my dog, went and grabbed my cat....nothing. The lizard just ran under my bed. I then had trouble sleeping thinking about the lizard....lets just call him Godzilla, plotting a path of terror. I built barriers using throw pillows, shouted stern warnings, and eventually fell asleep. Alas, a week later, he reappeared. This time, I was ready. I went and got my fine china (cough cough a Maverick's Cup cough cough) and trapped him. And now he sits....and he waits for someone brave enough to remove him from my house. And this is why I think getting married sounds more appealing every day, surely it's in the book of Genesis somewhere "He shalt removeth thy lizards and other insects trapped under the cupeth when the daughter of Eve requesteth." Eve and that snake....Christy and the lizard(s).....no more apples for me!

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safe-fergason said...

Christy,Christy, Christy.. I can't imagine a life more full than yours!!! You are my hero when it comes to your ability to plan fun activities with your family and friends !! And I don't know of any men that are worthy of YOU.. but I will pray for that special guy (who is unafraid of lizards) to make a swift appearance. He will have to be a very special guy.. as I hope you won't settle for less! You are a gift!!
Christmas blessings to you and your sweet mom!
your old neighbor,