Traditional Outings

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I spent the morning with my Mom covering some traditional Christmas stops.
#1 (After shopping our way to Snyder Plaza (Picture One is the Traffic Circle in the Plaza)) was a stop in Highland Park for Deli Meats (for Christmas Eve) from Kuby's (Picture Two). The German shop has been there almost 50 years, as has the Plaza, and the house on Rankin where my Great-Grandparents lived and my Grandmother was raised (Picture Three-With some Modern Updates). It's up the street from the plaza. These sites don't mean too much to non-Dallas natives, but they are some pretty major cornerstones (in my mind) for my Dallas family. It took two loops around the Plaza before we found a parking space, and it was standing room only in the deli, I can't imagine what tomorrow....or Christmas Eve will be like.
#2Next came a stop at Stein's Bakery at Preston (Another Old Timer Location). They were out of Gingerbread men :O(, but they had Petit Fours (Picture 4)-I haven't found a holiday, or a random weekend yet that I can find a reason to buy some. I love the icing, but if you aren't into sweet icing....well....that just leaves more for me. Traffic was insane, I guess we aren't the only family with traditional outings! Tomorrow I hit the grocery store....eeck.
#3This evening I went with my Aunt and Cousin (and Mom) to Frisco's Town Square where the entire square lights up in patterns based on the Christmas music playing on a local radio signal. There was also a Santa Stop with trains, and Santa, and a lot of festivities throughout the month of December including snow, outdoor moves (brrr) etc. It's a neat new place to take a family (or a bunch of girls following the Dallas Guide Section of the paper on a cold Saturday evening!). It was our first year to try out this stop, but we've spent many evenings in the car looking at lights, I never plan to outgrow this tradition. (Picture 5 is a little piece of the square with bits lite up from the music, there were snowflakes etc all over the walls that danced to the tunes, but it wasn't 'their time' in this picture.)

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Thomas Family said...

I love hearing about all of your traditions I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings.