There's a Reason for the Season

Sunday, December 09, 2007
This evening I completed my tree decorating. I have more room decorations to come, but I thought I'd share a slice of my weekend. Friday evening I attended a Christmas dinner, Saturday morning was a women's Christmas brunch. Skip ahead past some shopping, errands, and the selection of this year's Christmas tree and I attended Prestonwood's show stopping holiday show-Gloria. Today after church and some more random activities (including a Cowboy's win!) I attended the Living Christmas Tree performance at my Aunt's church, which we attend every year. This evening, I completed the tree decorating. I love all the church performances, it reminds me each time that this time of year is more than a list of presents to buy, and dishes to prepare. I was looking through some old photos and I was thinking about the fact that it was sad I had no idea who some of the people were in the photographs and that they each had all these same little moments I blog about, and life stories that are somehow lost with the years, but then it hit me, those faces without names began the journey I'm on today. It all comes back to the family who taught me about Jesus. I know each of us have a story, but the foundation of mine begins with reading the bible with my Mom as a little girl, and attending church. I had to take the rest of the journey alone in giving my life to Christ, but how grateful I am that I learned so many valuable lessons so young. I sometimes wonder who in my family's past changed the course of my life for the better, and I'm grateful to them, and all those that followed after. In 100 years if someone looks at my picture and doesn't know my name or my story, but knows Christ because of a role I've played, it'll all be worth it. I hope you are taking the chance to hear the story of Christmas this year, and have a chance to celebrate Jesus, and share the story with others, I look forward to those moments most of all in the next few weeks.

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