Zooming In

Sunday, December 09, 2007
I loved seeing Nicole's tree in detail on her blog, so I'm borrowing her idea. The stories behind the ornaments are what I love about decorating the tree. I think my Mom says the same thing each year about some of the ornaments as we hang them. I captured just a few of the ornaments on my tree. The family Christmas tree is like reading a biography of my family's journey. Pet's we have had, trips we have taken, life events etc.These little elve's hung on my Great-Grandmother's tree.My Mom made these ornaments when she first got married.This is my first ornament."That good old Baylor Line..." Many of my ornaments mark periods in my life, I have one ornament for each Christmas I spent away at school. Next year, Baylor....it's your year, I can feel it (just like myself and the rest of the Baylor community have been 'feeling that good season' coming on since the Cottonbowl game in the 1970's...Sic'Em Bears I try to find at least one ornament on vacation-this year was Jackson Hole, WY (along with the other 11 states we hit on the trip, I got one in each major location).I buy at least one Christmas ornament a year (usually many more). These are the Hallmark 2007 Mother/Daughter Ornaments.


Hurtado Family said...

Great idea..I may steal it and put it on my blog. We are just starting our traditions with the boys and I have several little keepsake ornaments on the tree already.

Thomas Family said...

You know that I follow your train of thought on almost everything. Ever since I have had my own tree I started taking photos of the new ornaments for each year so I can chronicle when I got them, I never thought to put it on my blog though.

Christy said...

I got the blogging idea and showing an onament from Ella's blog. She took pictures of her 12 favorite Christmas objects, which I LOVED! The pictures I've been doing, you know me....because you know you. I have always said you and I are the most alike when it comes to sentimental things for sure!