Sunday, February 03, 2008

Babies, Wedding Bows, and Bowls....

I don't have any photos for you, I have been a very conservative photographer lately (I think it's because I'm looking at my 2007 album and all I have to scrapbook, and avoiding creating any more work for the 2008 album...once I've completed the album, I'm sure I'll be equally as obsessive as I have always been about taking pictures again). Today I'm giving a general run down of my weekend highlights. Friday I stayed home from work with my Mom, and I puttered around the house, ran a few errands, and went to the Angelika with Kelly in the PM to see the Bucket List. I think one might consider this a 'good movie'....if you like 'sad movies, with a good message.' I don't like any movie that makes me cry, and I pretty much started crying within the first five minutes,and despite some 'fun, light-hearted moments'....I'm not sure that I ever entirely quit crying through the entire movie knowing what was going to happen (though it did end a little diffrerently than I expected). I cried so much my teeth hurt. It was good if you don't have a problem with tears, I do. Saturday's highlight was getting to visit with my friend Carrilee visiting from Washington (who just announced, a few weeks back, she is pregnant again, and due in July). Henry is now a toddler and was helping his Grandma bake some Valentine cookies....not having had a child, am I still allowed to say-I can't believe how fast they grow?!?! I also got to visit with the whole family, and Carrilee's newly married sister (Trina :O)), what a fun time for them with a new son-in-law, a new grandbaby on the way, new growth in the town, and church her Dad leads. It was a 'feel-good' afternoon, they are such a sweet family. On the way home I start returning phone calls (I WILL be better about doing this in a more timely fashion, along with emails....) and I found out another one of my college friends is headed to the alter.....I don't know if she has told everyone yet, and it's her news to tell, so...friend, let me know when 'everyone' knows and I'll be able to put your name . I can't wait for the visit, the details, the pictures of the house etc etc etc. This blog takes me up at Sunday afternoon waiting for the Superbowl....I have a few errands to run, and emails to write, chores to do....another good weekend :O)