Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Post For Regan

A 'friend' sent me a yahoo article they found recently. It is not such a secret that my childhood bff, Regan and I were total 'blockheads'....the gossip is the NKOTB (New Kids on the Block for those of you who slept through the early 90's) are reuniting for a reunion tour. I IMMEDIATELY called Regan, and she has since been doing her research, we would, of COURSE need to be a part of this experience should it happen. In the meantime, I'm posting a very 'sacred' (please take this word lightly) video for Regan, or....a good laugh for the rest of you. The number of letters we had going back and forth as pre-teens with pictures, articles, gossip column news is off the chart. We were ::cough cough are cough cough:: in love with Joe. ;o) be 10 again. Regan and I always fought over who liked Joe case you were was me!


Hurtado Family said...

Honestly..I had one of those very silent excited thougths about this news. I never got to see them in concert the first time round...but I was a HUGE fan! =)

Nicole said...

I didn't get interested in NKOTB until they were on their way out.

By that time, I had to keep my interest in the closet or risk getting laughed at!

Christy said...

I understand...I too, at one point maybe hid my dedication to them...but no more ;o)....I'll put you on the invite list if they go on tour ;o)