Monday, February 04, 2008

Chocolate Covered Festivities

The school (one of more than 45 elementary schools in my district) I work for was given one of the four Gold Awards from the district because of our continued success as a school (we have received the 'second to the top' award the last two years, but finally moved on up to 'gold.') Anyway, on to my real purpose for this blog: I'm on the Leadership Team for the school, which basically means that I get to be bossy as part of my job description. We designed the event we wanted to host in celebration of the news. At first it was going to be cake and punch (yawn), but then....ta da...this Christmas I bought a chocolate fountain, for no particular reason other than the fact that I don't generally need a reason to buy random, strange, generally useless, yet fun objects (it's my Mode of Operation). I love to find ways to use those things and try to justify the cost, and space they take up during the other 364 days I store them. With the collaborative work of the design team, the chocolate festivities turned out to be a big hit. The tables all had black table covers, huge ice buckets with sparkling cider, champagne glasses, candles, and gold candy (instead of confetti). My boss had her husband and his friend come play the piano, and sax (they were awesome). I had to post a picture of four pounds of flowing chocolate (disregard the date on the photo, it's wrong).