Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bread Project

Whenever I list my hobbies, I always want to list cooking/baking as one of my skills, but I have to say, it just does NOT come naturally for me. I'm giving this particular puppy a second attempt. One of the gals at works (who knows me well) brought me an Amish Friendship Bread Starter Kit. I got one a year ago, but I wasn't very dedicated to the project, this time....I'm determined. Supposedly if you follow the recipe provided, and use this kit, you get a loaf of bread every ten days (which is pretty much the language I speak). You also get 3 additional kits to give away to friends (in my case, one by the time I'm done). It's sort of like sourdough (which I've never made, but spent plenty of time sampling), with flavor options. Basically, it's the neverending bread loaf.


Nicole said...

So, um... Uh... Is it supposed to harden up in the bag over those ten days?

Because kinda gross right now.

Does it end up coming out flat?

Christy said...

It's 'fermenting''s so delicious.....when other people make it at least. :O) It rises like bread. On day '6' I add some smells as good as it looks.....I'll give you a bag if it works out ;o)

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